Silverbird photography | A Norwegian confirmation ceremony

A Norwegian confirmation ceremony

May 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last week, I flew over to Norway, to photograph a Confirmation ceremony, or Konfirmasjon as it's called over there!  Getting Confirmed is seen as a "coming of age" ceremony, and they mostly take place on the same weekend in May.  Non-religious ceremonies are held alongside the ones in Church, and most teenagers aged 14 will take part.  I was photographing a Church ceremony in a town called Moss, and the Church were doing back-to-back ceremonies all weekend!  The Norwegians have a national dress called a Bunad, which is worn on special occasions, and depending on which region in Norway you are from, your Bunad will look different with different patterns and colours, a bit like tartan in Scotland!  I was told that the Telemark Bunad is very popular because it is the most decorative!

If you are looking for some documentary photographs of a special occasion please get in touch, I can cover Christenings, Proms, bar(bat)mitzvah, Confirmations and anything in between!

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