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I first met with Hannah and her baby son Finn in Dean and Daniella's coffee shop in High Heaton, and I instantly warmed to Hannah's bubbly and laid-back personality.  Hannah described her relaxed, festival-themed plans for her wedding to fiancee Aidan, and I knew I couldn't wait to be a part of it!  

On Saturday 29th April 2017, the bank holiday weekend, I arrived at St George's Church at the top of Osborne Road in Jesmond, Newcastle to meet with Aidan and his best man Andy.  Aidan was looking very smart, in a pair of suit trousers lent to him by one of his Ushers, Tom.  It turned out that Aidan had sent his suit to the dry cleaners two weeks before the big day, but on the morning of the wedding, he had unzipped the dry cleaning bag, only to discover that it was the wrong suit inside, and the dry cleaners couldn't find his suit!!  Not being the kind of guy to get into a flap, Aidan reached for the nearest pair of chino's and put them on, but his usher Tom said that he absolutely couldn't get married in them, and lent him a pair of his own trousers instead.  The relaxed atmosphere continued throughout the day, with Aidan watching YouTube videos in the porch of the Church, trying to learn how to tie his bow tie!

Hannah arrived at the Church in the "golden chariot", a family car, with her mum Gaynor and nine-month-old son Finn and driven by her brother Luke.  The bride looked stunning in a beautiful lace gown from Amore Brides in Sunderland, and her shoes were a pair of pale blue Adidas Originals Gazelles.  Stylish yet sensible!

Hannah was walked down the aisle by her brother Luke, who looked so proud.  St George's Church really is spectacular inside, lofty ceilings and walls covered in gold leaf, make for an epic backdrop for a marriage ceremony!

The bride and Groom had chosen the Summerhill Bowling Club in Newcastle to host their reception. Tucked away behind the Discovery Museum and Westgate Road, in the centre of Newcastle, lies a magnificent Georgian Square, palatial townhouses overlook the Summerhill Bowling Club in the centre.  On the bowling green there was a marquee, and outside Aidan and Hannah had carefully thought out festival-themed games and entertainment for their guests.  Fun and laughter followed with Welly-wanging, jenga, a polaroid camera for guests to take selfies, paddling pools filled with balls for the small children, hook a duck, a locked box, with a LOT of spare keys to try and find the right one and of course, a bouncy castle, which children and grown ups enjoyed equally!  The festival DIY theme continued inside the marquee and the bowling club, with colourful bunting, and meadow flowers in milk churns, mis-matched glass bottles, wooden crates and circular slices of wood cut from a tree trunk.

In the evening, with an April chill in the air, Hannah and Aidan friends all pitched in to help tidy up the toys, wellies and games on the green, and everyone headed inside the bowling club house for what can only be described as an EPIC Ceilidh.  I have never had so much fun photographing a barn dance!  Dodging the elbows and high kicks!  It was brilliant!  The sense of love in the room that night for this awesome couple was plain to see!  You have some very special friends and family there you two!

Hannah and Aidan, you smashed it!!!  Thankyou for having me along to photograph your wonderful day xxx


Church:  St George's Church, Jesmond

Venue:  Summerhill Bowling Club, Newcastle

Brides dress:  Amore Bridal Sunderland

Flowers:  Fleur Couture

Marquee:  Waltons

Lunch:  Sky Apple Cafe

Dinner:  Jacob and Tori

Cake:  Made by Alice, Hannah's friend

Ceilidh band:  The Hedgehogs Skin

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